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OPTIFAST Weight Loss Program in York Region

Need to lose weight fast?

Our clinic is happy to provide the renowned OPTIFAST Program.

This program is offered only in select weight management clinics. If you require weight loss for medical reasons or have an upcoming surgery this option may be for you!

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The OPTIFAST meal replacement program utilizes a comprehensive, behaviour-based model. Weight management programs allow for positive results in areas of weight loss (1-3), average decrease in total cholesterol (1), reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure (1, 3), and a decrease in waist circumference (3).

Weight loss is maintained over time for patients following a weight management program. Overall health for those undergoing weight loss surgery can make a difference before, during and after such surgery.

Visit our clinic today or contact us to learn more. We are conducting intake assessments at this time.

For additional information on the OPTIFAST program, you can visit the OPTIFAST website.

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