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Call or email us to book an appointment. We offer evidence -based individualized weight management programs.  Some services are covered by OHIP.
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We start with a Comprehensive Nutritional, Fitness and Medical Assessment. We use state of the art technology such as SECA Body Composition Analysis and KORR Metabolic and Fitness testing along with assessment by our exercise professional, dietitian and physician. At this point you may join our Weight Management Program.
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Upon enrollment, we will discuss the most suitable plan for you. We offer a bi-weekly one-on-one life style- based weight management program, prescription medications and the renowned OPTIFAST Program. Our programs may include ongoing support from our nutritionist, exercise professional, dietitian and physician. Outside referrals will be offered as needed.
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We prescribe exercises. Whether you are unsure of how to incorporate safe physical activities into your daily routine or want to explore new exercise routines, our weight minded exercise professional will help get you started in our brand new medically supervised gym!
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We offer a medical approach to the accumulation of excess weight. Our physician has a clinical interest in obesity medicine and is experienced in the prevention, diagnosis and management of obesity and related complications. Initial and follow up visits are individualized to your needs and co-morbidities, along with behavioral strategies to optimize diet and lifestyle.
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After the initial 6 months, we will evaluate your progress and discuss the results and benefits of your comprehensive weight management program. ABC Weight Management is committed to continue providing you with ongoing support. We offer a flexible maintenance program where you will have access to our team on ongoing bases.

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Call us today and find out more about our programming and what to expect. We offer Metabolic and Fitness assessments and  individualized programs for medical weight management. No fad diets, no gimmicks, no false promises.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your program cost?
We believe that obesity and related medical conditions should be managed in a health care environment, therefore the physician fees of our weight loss programs are covered by OHIP. There is a fee of 200 dollars that covers the mandatory dietitian comprehensive assessment, body composition analysis, fitness assessment and supplies. Services provided by personal trainer, physiotherapist,  as well as OPTIFAST meal replacement products and  additional sessions with the dietitian are provided for a fee.
How is your program different?
Contrary to other weight loss programs, ABC Weight Management believe that each individual that walks into our clinic is unique. Our goal is to get to the root problem behind your weight issue. There is much more than just diet and exercise ! You do not need to sign a long term contract for our services, however we do want our patients to be realistic with their time frames of their goals and commit to regular visits for at least 6 months. We are health care professionals trained in weight management. Many commercial programs that are out there often do not have the medical experience or education to assist in the complexities of weight management. We do not judge. You have a life story unlike anyone else and ABC is a safe place for you to feel welcome, to learn and to work towards achieving a healthier quality of life.
How do I join your program?
To qualify for our Core Program, it is important that you be motivated to engage in life-long healthy changes. You should also: Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more OR Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 to 30 and weight related medical conditions. Call us to discuss your needs.
What is new about your program?
We are a team of healthcare professionals working with you to improve your health using proven methods and treatment options. Our clinic is set up to accommodate patients with excess weight to ensure your confort, privacy and dignity. We are equipped with bariatric chairs, a discrete  weighting station and weight sensitive examination equipment. We offer no gimmicks nor false promises. Research shows that tackling weight management with the combined expertise of different healthcare professionals brings greater chances of sustainable weight loss. We are also the only centre that offers the OPTIFAST Weight Management Program in York Region.
Do I need a referral from my physician?
You do NOT require a referral for the Comprehensive Nutrition and Fitness Assessment. However, we will require a referral from your family doctor should you join one of our Weight Management Programs. Dr. Soto  addresses existing  medical conditions and adjust or prescribe medications when needed. We want to keep your family doctor informed !.
I am overweight and healthy, do I need to lose weight?
Weight management is not only about losing weight, but about improving quality of life by enhancing your health and reducing the risk of medical complications. Many overweight people are healthy, have healthy eating habits, and perform a good amount of physical activity; therefore, weight gain prevention may be all that is needed. Whatever your health and weight goals, we can help you achieve them.
Where do I start?
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