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Beyond weight loss
Comprehensive medical weight management

York Region's most comprehensive weight management clinic.

At ABC Weight Management, our team works together to provide individualized and comprehensive service to ensure the physical and psychological aspects of health involved in the accumulation of weight are identified and  addressed. We treat obesity using evidence-based tools such as the Edmonton Obesity Staging System, the 5 A's of Obesity Management, and The Canadian Practice Guidelines on the Management and Prevention of Obesity.

Our Offering

Lifestyle Program

Our medical weight loss program is mostly covered by OHIP and involves a comprehensive medical evaluation which is conducted upon enrolment.

The OPTIFAST Program is a medical weight loss program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards a better heath and emotional well-being. 

Dietician Services

Our registered dietitian can offer dietary based interventions that will help you meet your nutritional needs. 

Assessment Tools

Take advantage of the first comprehensive metabolic and fitness assessment in York Region, as well as a range of other assessment tools we have at our disposal.

Medications for Weight Loss

In some cases prescription medications play an important role in the treatment of obesity along with positive behavioral changes.  

Skilled Medical Team

At ABC Weight Management our skilled team of practitioners is here to help you along your weight loss journey. 

Meet our Team of skilled medical practitioners

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