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Call or email us to book an appointment. We offer evidence -based individualized weight management programs.  Some services are covered by OHIP and Private Insurance.

We start with a Comprehensive Nutritional, Fitness, and Medical Assessment. We use state-of-the-art technology such as SECA Body Composition Analysis and KORR Metabolic Rate Analysis along with assessment by our physiotherapist, dietitian, and physician. At this point, you may join our Weight Management Program.

Upon enrollment, we will discuss the most suitable plan for you. We offer a bi-weekly one-on-one lifestyle-based nutritional program,  prescription medications, and the renowned OPTIFAST Program. Our programs include ongoing support from our nutritionist, physiotherapist,  dietitian, and physician. 

We prescribe exercises. Whether you are unsure of how to incorporate safe physical activities into your daily routine or want to address those mechanical limitations to a safe exercise plan. Our weight-minded physiotherapist and personal trainer will help get you started in our brand new medically supervised gym!

Rest assured, we offer a comprehensive medical approach to the accumulation of excess weight. Our bi-weekly or monthly follow-up visits are individualized to your needs and co-morbidities.  Our goal is to prevent obesity complications and optimize quality of life.


Your Healthier Future

After the initial 6 months, we will evaluate your progress and discuss the results and benefits of your comprehensive weight management program. ABC Weight Management is committed to continue providing you with ongoing support. We offer a flexible maintenance program where you will have access to our team on ongoing bases.

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Take the next step towards a healthier you.

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