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Image by Kelly Sikkema


The first comprehensive metabolic  assessment in York Region

  • Korr Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis

  • SECA Body Composition Analysis

  •  Individualized Nutrition Plan

KORR’s proprietary technology was developed to satisfy NASA’s rigorous test standards while meeting their requirements for portability and self-calibration. Our systems use the “gold standard” mixing chamber for capturing expired gases and analysis. This is the same technology used in full-sized hospital-grade VO2/metabolic carts. It is extremely accurate and highly reliable. Mixing chamber analysis is more stable than the gas sampling at-the-mouth testing methods used by many of our competitors.

The seca mBCA 514 is a Medical Body Composition Analyzer, which is ideally adapted to the working conditions in hospitals and medical practices. Our non-invasive assessment provides an in-depth analysis measuring fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water and skeletal muscle mass in a rapid 17 seconds.

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